Skilled Arbitrator & Mediator
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Seasoned Practitioner With Expertise in Regulatory, Energy, Environmental, Finance, Labor & Employment Law & Security Law

Experienced Arbitrator & Mediator

Ms. Arocles Aguilar has years of significant professional experience, including serving as the General Counsel for the California Public Utilities Commission and now leads an ADR practice, Aguilar Law & ADR, with a focus on Arbitration and Mediation. Holding a J.D. from Berkeley Law, she brings her vast knowledge and experience to every case.

Professional Experience

Aguilar Law & ADR offers arbitration and mediation services in various law sectors, including management, regulatory, energy, environmental, bankruptcy, administrative, state contracting, utility regulatory finance, securities, labor and employment law, including employment investigations.

Ms. Aguilar has appeared before numerous administrative forums, state and federal courts and has testified multiple times before state legislatures, depositions, and disciplinary hearings.

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